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Based in Ireland, but originally a US corporation, Eaton is a publicly limited company with over 97,000 employees globally. The business is split into two major sectors: electrical and industrial, the latter comprising of a hydraulics group, an aerospace group and a vehicles group. The electrical wing of Eaton is among the world leaders in power distribution and power quality systems, as well as industrial automation products and power control devices. In addition to producing mains plugs and device plugs, it manufactures control switches and signalling devices which are used in a wide variety of products. It also designs and makes a large number of fuses and RCD products that fall into the over-voltage protection category. Eaton is also a maker of uninterruptible power supplies and the various UPS accessories that go with them, such as mounting kits and external battery modules. Its electrical products are aimed at professional markets which include the government, utility and commercial sectors. In addition, it designs a good proportion of products for the information technology sector. Other electrical components it makes include motor controls, sensors, meters, relays, panel boards and inverter equipment.


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