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Founded in the early 1920s, Phoenix Contact is a German business that specialises in the manufacture of terminal blocks, connectors, signal conditioners, controllers and relays. It is also a well-regarded producer of PLCs, I/O systems, Ethernet products and surge protection equipment. Now headquartered in Blomberg, Phoenix Contact has manufacturing facilities in the USA, China, India, Poland, Greece, Brazil, Sweden, Argentina and Turkey, as well as Germany. It has an annual turnover that commonly exceeds £1.5 billion, and employs almost 13,000 people across the globe. The company produces a number of e-mobility products, including charging controllers for electrically powered mobility scooters and e-mobility infrastructure sockets. Phoenix Contact also designs and manufactures power supply units, both AC/DC and DC/DC. However, it is probably for its terminal blocks that the company is most famous. These come in various forms, including PCB terminal blocks products, pluggable terminal blocks, terminal block marking strips, and many accessories for them. The company also produces a number of connectors that are used in heavy industrial settings and for office use, such as its computer and video connector product range.




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Wir sind Marktführer und Pionier für Komponenten, Systeme und Lösungen in den Bereichen Elektrotechnik, Elektronik und Automation. Als Familienunternehmen arbeiten wir verantwortungsbewusst, um die Zukunft nachhaltig zu gestalten. Technologisch führende Produkte, Systeme und Lösungen rund um die Elektrotechnik und Automation – das ist die Welt von Phoenix Contact. Innovation, Qualität und Zuverlässigkeit vereinen sich in jedem Phoenix Contact Produkt, von der klassischen Reihenklemme über spritzwassergeschützte Maschinenstecker und Wireless Ethernet bis hin zu sicheren Steuerungslösungen. Phoenix Contact nimmt in technologischer Hinsicht eine führende Stellung ein und ist massgeblich an der Gestaltung aktueller Trends und Entwicklungen beteiligt.



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